Strong Together II – 48″ x 60″

$725.00 $3,165.00

“It has hit home with me recently that I am a better person when I am in healthy relationships with others. This means loving, listening and lending a hand …. And also allowing myself to be loved, listened to and take that helping hand.   Trees are a great example of this. As young trees begin to sprout and grow, the parent trees and older siblings reach out their roots to nourish and protect them.  We may have thought in the past that trees had no relationships with each other, but they have proved us wrong.  They are a family! They are strong together!”

Original is Acrylics on stretched canvas. Hand embellished Giclee prints are also on stretch canvas – 48” x 60”x 1¾” – protected with acrylic UV resistant varnish. Wired and ready to hang, I finish all edges with black and varnish. Each piece is accompanied by a signed Artist Statement and Bio and “How to take care of your art” instructions.

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Embellished Print, Original Acrylic

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