Nature’s Cathedral I – 8″ x 10″


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“I love trees so much, but I often forget to look at them from the point of view that I saw them as a child. Laying on my back on the grass in the backyard … I could see the clouds and their interesting formations of course, but I could also see how the trees reached for the sky, and seemingly toward the same central point. It’s like being in a cathedral, and all the arches and pillars were supporting this beautiful decorative dome. It was awe inspiring.”

Original is Acrylics on stretched canvas. Hand embellished Giclee prints are also on stretch canvas – 8” x 10”x ¾” – protected with acrylic UV resistant varnish. Wired and ready to hang, I finish all edges with black and varnish. Each piece is accompanied by a signed Artist Statement and Bio and “How to take care of your art” instructions.

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Dimensions 10 × .5 × 8 in

Acrylic Original, Embellished Print

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