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Verone is a passionate and enthusiastic artist in Airdrie, Alberta. She recently relocated from Regina, Saskatchewan where she attended the U of R, raised three children, taught playschool, did illustrations for books and her own children’s stories, and was a member of the Aurora Art Guild. She is now on the board of the Airdrie Regional Arts Society. Her art has been featured in the Airdrie Life Magazine. Mostly self taught, her work shows in her studio and at various art shows such as Spruce Meadows & Calgary Art Market to name a few. )  Her art is in private collections in Sask., Man., Ont ., BC, Alberta, New Hampshire and Oregon

Verone describes her art as “painting with emotion, every brushstroke has a purpose, every color a meaning”.  Although she has painted realism in the past, her style now is bright colors of expressive impressionism. She uses loose acrylic brush strokes and energetic knife work to insinuate, but not entirely describe what she imagines. “I always leave something for the viewer to imagine and transport them to a place that is special to them”.

Artwork by verone – Verone Solilo
Artwork by Verone - Verone Solilo © CODIO Photography www.codiophotography.com

“When I am painting, I imagine myself in a place of beauty. Then I re-invent it, with color, shape and line, to reflect my feelings of joy, awe and thankfulness. This is my way of reminding myself of the goodness in people, the wonders of the world and our own irreplaceable value.  I use both brush and pallet knife to apply bright acrylic color in an abstract/impressionistic way, and sometimes in a more realistic way.”

Each piece is unique and brings out a different aspect of the ‘joys of life’ and the beauty that can be found in the simplest of things. Her work is constantly evolving and continues to explore different avenues of expressions – from the smallest of details to the free flowing expressions of abstract color.

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